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Fruit and vegetables
How does the food industry is expected to provide sufficient quantities of mankind food products, a new quality, guaranteed the absence of substances harmful to human health in this our products, we want to participate in the technological revolution in the world with a desire for our country to join to the strategic research programs, research is largely conducted within the European Community.
Purchase fruits and vegetables
Company for processing of fruits and vegetables “Vocar” is constantly purchasing raw materials, manufactoring and contacting raw materials. Your request will be taken and processed within 24 hours and we will notify of the delivery date. Using a proven strategy in the years that followed we intend to maintain steady growth and thus confirm our influence in the region for the purchase and processing of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Eat a healthy diet
Everything through health food ingestion in the organism, we build and change, and about the fact that we have entered depends on our strength, our health, and our live…… Hippocratus
A sentence that says a lot, and that should be our guiding principle when we are talking and thinking about how to properly feed. Company “Vocar” D.O.O. offers its consumers a special line of products for their proper and healthy nutrition…
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“Vocar-Palanka” from Smederevska Palanka, factory for processing fruits and vegetables dates back from 1959. years. The main activity of the factory was processing cherries in pasteurized cherry. Past ten years the program is constantly updated with new products.

“Vocar- Palanka” currently has 70 employees. Annual production capacities are 2000 tons. The factory has hot line for fruit and vegetables, spread over three hectares. We have two warehouses for storing goods and own car park which delivers goods to the buyers.

The raw material is procured from the field that are not chemically and biologically contaminated.
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